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4 Things You Must Know About Dental Implants

Just about anyone has to deal with so many emotions whenever the doctor advises him/her for a dental implant procedure.


Missing teeth not only have an overall bad impact on one’s oral health but also makes you feel self-conscious.

However, dental science over the last decade has evolved to come with a revolutionary technique, a dental implant that replaces the missing teeth naturally- maintaining the feel & aesthetics of a real tooth.

But, before you undergo the dental implant procedure in Abu Dhabi, here are a few things you must know: –

1. Is It Going To Hurt?

Many of us have terrifying childhood dreams of going to the dentist, so are you nervous about pain? Most of the dental procedures are completely 100%.

Still not sure, it is best to talk to your dentist right away so that he/she can administer anesthesia comfortably.

But, afraid of anesthesia needles? You can ask your doctor to give you sedation medicine to dull your senses


2. Loss of Control?

The dental implant is a procedure under which you won’t be able to talk for hours, tirelessly sitting in a chair with a noose around the chair, often seems frustrating. This evokes a feeling of loss of control, further, if you are claustrophobic, then you are probably going to hate this.

If so, it is best to let your dentist know about the anxiety before the procedure or you can raise the hand for a break during the treatment.

3. What is The Cost of The Procedure

Dental procedures are often expensive, especially if your medical insurance doesn’t cover dental works.

So, it is important to obtain a written estimate of the dental implant in order to avoid any sort of confusion later on. Also, inquire from your dental clinic with regards to the payment methods or is there any option for easy EMIs?

4. Does The Implant Functions Like an Actual Tooth?

Yes, chewing food with dental implants is similar to the natural teeth, no difference whatsoever in terms of looks and functionality. For those who have faced the troubles of dentures earlier or worried about how the implants work, dental implants are an incredible alternative to let you get back on your normal oral health in no time.

A few days after, once the dental implant procedure has been done, you can even have your favorite lollies, crunchy carrots or chewy meatballs without any fear or simply regain the love of eating.

Final Words

At 32 Smiles, we provide our state-of-the-art dental facilities for dental implant procedure done by a qualified and experienced dentist in Abu Dhabi. Our dental clinic has been designed to offer an overall comfortable patient experience.