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3 Ways to Manage Your Anxiety Before Dental Procedure

So, what are emotions now when your dentist has recommended a dental procedure this weekend? What are thoughts as soon as you see yourself stepping into a dental clinic, the aseptic smell & sound of drilling, all that stuff? Or, imagining yourself in the dentist’s chair makes you feel a tad uneasy?


Either you’re moving your tongue across the teeth or shuddering just at the thought of it. Today, in this post, we’ve rounded up three ways to manage anxiety before the dental procedure.

1. Talk It Out With Your Dentist


As we all know little knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge, therefore don’t believe in myths surrounding dentistry over the Internet. Just follow the words of your dentist and the dental team.
Anyone with dental anxiety can get out of it by speaking with the dentist. It is best to put forth your every minute query or doubt to have complete peace of mind before undergoing the dental procedure.
At the time of booking the appointment, tell your dentist about the anxiety, they’ll provide you with worthwhile suggestions and the best strategies to cope with nervousness. At last, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

2. Keep Yourself Distracted

Yes, just like taking the mind out of the exams is tough, it’s not easy to think about the dental procedure several days before.
However, you can train your mind to overcome nervousness and anxiety by trying a few easy techniques.
These include wearing the headphones to take your mind away from the annoying sound of drilling, you can occupy the hands by squeezing the stress ball or just visualize yourself in the lap of nature to relax from within.

3. Employ Mindfulness Techniques

Relaxation happens in the mind, so trying to have deep breaths just before the dental procedure, this will make you feel calm & relaxed, and let you loosen up the tense muscles.
One of the most widely used mindfulness techniques to count your breaths, inhale slowly and then exhale slowly counting the breaths in your mind. Do it at least five times before you sit onto the dental chair.
Concentrate on relaxing every muscle in the body, let your head lose right down to your toes.


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