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root cannal 32smiles 500x333In the past, patients have run in fear of root canal treatments believing them to be painful and discomforting procedures. Thanks to modern advancements in dental technologies and treatment protocols, root canals are now seen as a routine treatment, similar to getting a filling. A root canal treatment may become necessary when the inner root of a tooth or several teeth becomes infected. A root canal procedure removes this infected material and protects the inner root of the tooth from future infection. Our team has been performing fully modernized root canal procedures for decades, and pride themselves on having attended countless hours of higher-educational series and courses on today’s most effective endodontic treatment protocols.

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As stated above, a root canal treatment may become necessary when the inner root of a tooth or several teeth becomes infected, resulting in moderate to severe pain and discomfort. While many patients may not like the idea of having a root canal done, the effects of leaving an infected tooth untreated can be profound. In some cases, an abscess can form, resulting in even more discomfort. A root canal procedure removes the infected material from within the teeth and protects the tooth from further infection.

As with any dental procedure, it’s always wise to choose a dental team that you trust and that is highly experienced – the team at 32 Smiles leverages today’s top dental technologies and treatment protocols so that our patients can enjoy the best results that modern dentistry has to offer. See our expert dental team by calling +971 2 4454 666!

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