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Does Root Canal Dental Procedure Hurt?

Just like any other dental procedure, there is a lot of speculation surrounding the root canal therapy, the biggest being-is it painful?

Before going any further, it is imperative to know under what circumstances a root canal dentist will advise his/her patient to undergo the dental procedure. 

The answer is:-

Our tooth is administered by minute nerves those are travelling from the jawbone, through the root canal to the small pulp chamber. The nerve supply and blood to the are what makes it perform the function of feeling hot & cold.

Once the damage has occurred to the nerve supply, the tooth becomes dead, so the dentist is most likely to ask you to get the root canal of the specific teeth done to fix this.

The dying or dead tooth can contribute to a varying level of pain, from being almost non-existent to severe pain. Typically, the dying nerve to the tooth leads to infection, which can be extremely painful. To get rid of this pain, consult the best dental clinic in Abu Dhabi.

What To Expect From Root Canal?

In the age of local anesthesia, both the general and cosmetic dentistry has become painless. The only pain you can expect during this procedure is from the injection of anesthesia. Once the local anesthesia can be injected, slowly the tooth will become numb and stay the same throughout the treatment. 

Sometimes, depending upon the symptoms that caused tooth nerve infection, the cleaning of the tooth is done in one seating, and the filling of the tooth in the second seating. It is best to speak with your doctor beforehand with regards to this, to avoid any sort of last-minute confusion. 

Will I Feel Any Pain Post the Root Canal Treatment?

Yes, the root canal procedure is performed under local anesthesia, but what next, is there pain after the treatment once I get back home? This is a prevalent query of most people those who have been advised undergoing a root canal treatment. 

The answer is yes, you are going to have some sort of discomfort as this procedure is slightly invasive, but it won’t be painful, pretty much manageable. If you are still worried about the pain, you can talk to your dentist and they’ll prescribe a good painkiller. 

Final Thoughts

Don’t be in a hurry for the root canal, research well to find a credible dentist in your region who have years of practice in doing safe and effective, advanced root canal therapy.