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5 Things To Remember When Wearing Braces For The First Time

According to the American Association of Orthodontics, around 4.5 million Americans including 80% between 6 to 18 years have braces on their teeth.

Orthodontic braces are to fix dental issues revolving around- teeth spacing, upper or lower jaw alignment, etc. 

As dental braces are more of an investment that leaves a lasting impact on your face, some of the best orthodontists from Abu Dhabi recommend this process for people between the age of 7 to 14 years. 

If you’re planning to undergo the dental treatment, here are 4 things to take care of. 

Regular Cleaning 

It can be frustrating, but daily cleaning your braces, wires, and bands is a must. For the ones who are new to this, removing stains, tartar, and plaque on teeth can seem impossible. 

The best solution is to seek professional help to learn the basic tricks to clean braces. Schedule an appointment with the best dental clinic once in 3 months to ensure complete oral hygiene. 

Careful Eating- 

Usually, orthodontists recommend food to get the best results. Some of the tips include avoid chewing gum, caramel, ice, soda made eatables, sugar, or other carbonated beverages. 

The acidic properties in carbonated food items when blended with sugar can dissolve the glue holding brackets. Also, food can get stuck within your wires or brackets.

Flossing Is A Must- 

Brackets and wires are more likely to trap the food particles that are left unchewed. And on top of that when you skip flossing, it can develop bacteria that lead to dental cavities.

Many people floss, on their own but if you’re having a hard time, speaking to a dentist can help.  

How long to wear?

It all depends on the condition of your misaligned teeth. Yet the dentists give a rough estimate of how long it will take for you to get rid of the braces. 

Regular dental checkup keeps you updated on how your dental structure is adjusting to the braces.  In most mild cases of young children and teenagers, a year or two are predicted. But the time period will vary for adults, with or without having any dental history of braces. 

Visit Your Orthodontist- 

In some cases, the process doesn’t end on fixing the braces and may need more sittings. This makes frequent dental visits important to you. After a certain time-bound, the braces are supposed to be adjusted accordingly and if delayed, it can result in poor jaw alignment. 

You Are One Step Away From Wearing A Beautiful Smile 

We value your natural, perfect smile and that’s why we offer world-class dental braces in Abu Dhabi. We offer a range of dental care services within orthodontic treatment including- digital orthodontics, X-ray services, lingual braces, ceramic braces, metallic braces, and invisible aligners. To book an appointment, dial +97124454666 or write to us on info@32smilesuae.com. We promise to get back to you soon!